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Card ~ Handpainted Bejeweled 5"x7"

Card ~ Handpainted Bejeweled 5"x7"

  • $ 18.00

Folded Notecard 5”x7”


Adding a simple frame is possible. Msg for details if interested  

Original Art. NOT a print. I realize I have never been fond of prints because it dilutes the value of art. This is totally my feeling about it. No matter how much effort is put into it, art should be original so that the person who owns it feels that labor of passion and madness pouring from the art work. There is a certain essence of an artist’s presence/spirit when artwork is original. I imagine how they must have felt when creating it. What was the intent and the circumstances. So many stories surface and come to mind. (I would rather buy someone’s original copy of a Picasso than a print of the original.)

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