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Indian Folk Art

Over the years because of AMRAPALI, I have had the honor of meetings some fabulous and extremely talented artists across India. I have personally worked with over 4000 #handcrafters and #artisans in 19 different states. All the times I felt the work was too much, the earning too little and mostly none at all, I would think of these talented individuals who relied on #curators that won’t bargain them down, treat them with the respect artists and humans deserve, pay them their dues and truly truly value their hard work which often goes unnoticed or taken for granted. I have cried often in the last month (Covid Crisis) at the idea that I won’t have reason to travel or meet these artists if I were to close shop and that this opportunity to be the bridge between my heritage country and my adopted country would go away. I have loved every single minute of the last 12 years. Never truly realizing what an important role a cultural store brings to our community. In my heart I know a part of me will die forever if the shop closes. 

Anyways, more stories later. Stay tuned for these water color paintings $15-$500. Half of the price has already been paid to the artist when buying which is double or triple what they asked for (I decided based on intricacy). Limited quantities only. I think I managed to find a total of 75 paintings. Some are bigger and different prices but we will dig them up later.