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Hand Painting West Bengal 7" * 11"

  • $ 30.00

Hand painted watercolor art by village artisans, mostly women representing tribal and rural life of villages in West Bengal. There may be some water and paint damages that you will see (I personally love the rawness of it) because they traveled from distant villages and spent weeks in an open ground selling their work. The earnings will last the family for an entire year. 3 days of talking to them, listening to them and I ended up with  75 paintings.

Their work is simple and the artists humble. The more complicated pieces are being a task to photograph as they are long and intense. Some of these can run into 1000s based on the skill of the artist and time taken. I saw one 10 foot long with an entire folk story with minute details. Anyways, enjoy these for now. I recommended bold frames to make the color pop. Some of the pictures may look brighter in real and some slightly duller. They were taken in natural light with just a vignette setting to darken the black background.

DM for Details or Whatsapp 503-946-6571


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