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Help The Front Line Workers in India


My motherland is being engulfed by Covid and will impact the lives of a Billion people at some level. It is a humanitarian crisis that must be addressed immediately. We have a responsibility to look after one another but stay safe. 
Help me mask up 10,000 front line workers with 3-layer cotton masks. Buy a scarf or mask and that will fund 10 handstitched cotton masks made in India and distributed widely through volunteers.
We at Amrapali have donated 2000 handcrafted scarves. I am sorry I can't take pictures of all scarves right now.
All are designed in-house, are sustainably made and are fabric will be silk / cotton / wool / viscose 
Thank You.
Thank you for continuing to support India and reaching out to each other during this difficult time for all. When life is hard, the one thing that helps us through is to know we are not alone and the people around us have our back  

Pictures: Courtesy Google
TIPS Will Go Towards Buying Sanitizers!!!