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$ 10 Scarves ~ Covid19 Small Biz Support

We Need Your Support
to Stay in Business.

We are selling beautiful Scarves and store Gift Certificates online to raise $30k for rent, utilities, one employee, fixed expenses. It will help us with bills for 3 months so that we can stay in business until we are allowed to open the doors. Every sale matters and it would give me great pleasure to see you all support not just us but the hand-crafter of this scarf in Jaipur India who dyes and stitches 3000 scarves for us every year for the last 12 years. 


DONATE:  You can also choose to donate the mask to Wrap them with Love (Scarves for essential workers). Mention that in comments and we will send you a picture. 

GIFT: Also included in your $10 Shipping Charge we can ship scarves and hand written note to your love ones. Again mention the note that you want attached and I will personally write a note to them. 


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